COVID-19 Volunteering Opportunities


COVID-19 Volunteering Opportunities

The outpouring of support and generosity of people helping others within the uncertainty and anxiety that this public health emergency has created is nothing other than awe-inspiring.  We applaud all those who reach out to others, whether within their networks of family, friends and neighbours or through non-profit organizations and public agencies.  The expertise of volunteer centres, volunteer resource managers, and corporate community engagement professionals can go a long way to increasing safety for volunteers and those being helped. 

Volunteer Canada is currently listing sites for people interested in COVID-19 response volunteer opportunities that are connected to local volunteer centres. This is because volunteer centres know the organizations in their communities and are vetting the opportunities for safety and quality. Volunteer centres also provide resources to organizations on screening, volunteer safety, virtual volunteering, and other key volunteer engagement practices. The leadership of volunteer centres increases the safety and quality of the volunteer experience for both the volunteer and those they are helping. 

Many volunteer centres across the country have volunteer matching platforms where individuals can find and apply online to volunteer opportunities during COVID-19. Look for a volunteer centre in your area from those listed below.* 


British Columbia

Nova Scotia



  •, Fédération des centres d’action bénévole du Québec (FCABQ)



*We will continue to update the list of volunteer centre platforms. Last updated May 14, 2020.

If there is a specific organization you are interested in, check their website for a listing of volunteer opportunities. Please be patient and flexible at this time as volunteer roles and community organization needs are changing rapidly. Expect response times to be slower than normal as non-profits and their staff adjust to new work arrangements and prepare for new and rapidly evolving service realities.

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