Volunteer Canada believes that we all benefit when Canadians are involved in their communities. 

We take volunteering seriously!

We encourage it. We nurture it. We celebrate it.

Volunteer Canada supports volunteers because they help to make our country vibrant.

How do we do this? By working with a wide range of individuals and organizations. From local volunteer centres, to government agencies, to national corporations.

We collaborate and provide support to those who engage directly with volunteers everyday - and we do this to help further volunteerism in Canada. 

When you donate to Volunteer Canada, your dollars help support the important work we do. Work such as assisting organizations to improve their practices and better engage their volunteers, so that we can collectively build healthy and resilient communities.

We encourage all Canadians to give some time and help keep volunteering strong. We also encourage you to donate to Volunteer Canada to help ensure that volunteering becomes even stronger for generations to come.


Donate today!

Volunteer Canada Charity Registration Number: 898232343RR0001




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