Skills Exchange FAQs

Skills Exchange for Good - FAQ's

What is required from non-profit organizations who want to participate in the program?

  • An application submission by the cut-off date
  • A 1-hour meeting with Volunteer Canada to discuss selected projects in more detail
  • Participation in a 1-hour orientation where a representative from the non-profit will orient the volunteers to the organization and go over in clear detail what they are looking to achieve during the 2-hour advisory
  • Attendance and participation at the 2-hour advisory session and completion of a short survey 

What is required from company’s who want to participate? 

  • A keen interest in supporting affordable housing in Canada 
  • Payment of a sponsorship fee
  • Recruitment of employee volunteer teams with appropriate skillsets to address the challenges presented by the non-profit organizations 
  • Attendance and participation at the 2-hour advisory session and completion of a short survey 

Can a non-profit submit multiple projects?

Yes, it is encouraged, and more than one project may be selected. For example, there may be applications submitted for assistance on a communications plan, strategic sourcing, and HR policies from the same organization.

How many hours do the volunteers need to commit?

Based on the evaluation from phase 1 and 2 of the program, on average, volunteers committed 8.7 hours on a project. There is a 1-hour orientation and a 2-hour advisory session to attend. Between these meetings the volunteers often met as a group and do some individual work to prepare for the session.

What if the need of the community organization has changed since the application was submitted? 

We understand that the priorities areas may change from the time of application submission to advisory. Asks can be adjusted but must still be able to be addressed in the time frame.

Where do you need to be located to participate?

The program is 100% virtual. This means, volunteers can collaborate from across business units.  For example, a company headquartered in Toronto with staff in Edmonton and Alberta may be helping a community organization located in Nova Scotia!

Interested in learning more?

Hear from program participants about the impact of skills-based volunteering in the sector and learn how you can get involved as a community housing provider, corporate sponsor, or corporate employee volunteer by listening to Volunteer Canada’s ChangeMakers@Work Webinar series.

Want to get involved?

Contact Madeline Porter, [email protected]