Skills Exchange Program Impact

Skills Exchange for Good

Hear from Past Participants

“This is an outstanding way to unite different expertise from people who are passionate to help and serve” 

– Peter Jurgeneit, Director, Transmission Compression and LNG operations,
Enbridge Gas 

“The benefit of program participation extends beyond community impact and employee engagement. As we plan for the future, this partnership has helped Meridian to clarify the types of volunteer opportunities that resonate with employees and has continued to shape our understanding of how employee skills can be activated in an impactful manner.”- Nicole Mitchell, Director Brand and Social Impact, Meridian 

“The volunteers were amazing and investigated our communications and had constructive and extremely useful suggestions/ideas to help us move forward to get our message out to our stakeholders and residents.  Given the very brief time commitment required for participation in this project, we felt that the value of the outcomes for us far exceeded the time invested.”- Community Housing Provider Participant

Examples of Past Projects 

Management Systems, Processes, and Services with Autism Independent Living Association- Volunteers made recommendations for suitable project management tools and provided guidance on best practices.

Communications and Stakeholder Relations with Equal Housing Initiative. Volunteers provided advice on how they distill their messaging to be clear, concise, and impactful to reach appropriate stakeholders needed to galvanize support for the project.

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