Volunteer Management Tools and Training

Volunteer Management Tools and Training

Learning modules, tools and resources to support volunteer managers during COVID-19. Virtual volunteering, volunteer safely and keeping volunteers engaged.

Volunteer Management Learning Modules

Volunteer Ottawa has developed five new courses to help organizations plan strategically for 2021.
1.    Business Continuity Planning and Scenario Planning - November 4 & 6, 2020
2.    Developing an organizational return to work plan – November 10, 2020 
3.    Adapting to Virtual Volunteering and Keeping Volunteers Engaged – December 3, 2020
4.    Self-Care: Wellness and Mental Health Supports for Staff, Volunteers and Clients - January 13, 2021
5.    Effective Communications during COVID-19: Response and Recovery – January 26, 2021

Training Series for Managing Volunteers During COVID-19 (Volunteer Toronto)

Five pre-recorded and interactive webinars (~30 minutes each) as a starting point for adapting the Volunteer Management Cycle during the pandemic:

Please note: these modules are Incompatible with Internet Explorer.

Virtual Volunteering

Volunteering Safely

Other Tools and Resources