Volunteer Canada welcomes recommendations of resources on the topic of diversity, equity and inclusion in the nonprofit sector. Please read our criteria below and complete the form to recommend a specific resource.

Guidelines for submitting or recommending content for this resource page:

  1. Resources must be applicable to Canadian nonprofit organizations, charities and workplaces.
  2. Content providers must ensure their resources are accurate and up to date.
  3. Resources must be in plain language and useful.
  4. Resources must be freely available/accessible to anyone visiting the site.
  5. Resources may be in a range of formats (including video and audio files, text, etc.)

Content that will not be accepted as resources:

  • Advertising or promotional material
  • Politically partisan material (including material that supports or criticizes a specific political party)
  • Hateful, intolerant, and discriminatory material (including material that discriminates against people based on a protected ground, as defined by the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Quebec Charter of Rights)
  • Material that is not considered useful or relevant for Canadian nonprofit organizations.

Volunteer Canada reserves the right to:

  1. Periodically review resources for accuracy, relevance, and clarity
  2. Ensure resources do not duplicate current material.


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